Long Trail - best desert excursion!

Pick up from the hotel in Eilat in the morning with air-conditioned jeeps, drive southward (Taba). We will begin the trail in Nahal (dry river) Shlomo, Nahal Rehoboam and Nahal Yehosaphat. We will climb up the old Eilat Road (Darab el Hajj) and drive down to Ein Netafim, the only water source in the area. From there we will ascend Yair Ascent towards Route 12 for a short drive up to the entrance to the old Patrol Road. We will join Nahal Betamim and descend the Sayarim Ascent down to a Nahal Eteq and its 'rock pools' (gueltas). We will then stop for a light meal of shakshuka, tehini and pita bread. We will continue on Nahal Eteq, connecting to Nahal Raham, which will lead us as far as Beer Ora and the Arava road, from where we will return to Eilat.


* You can add about an hour and a half to this trip and also do a hiking trail in the Red Canyon, with additional payment of 300 shekels per jeep.

Price: 1400 NIS per jeep (7 seats)

Including  Shakshuka meal!