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The Beauty of Eilat Mountain Reserve

The Eilat Mountains Reserve is a the name of a mountain range around Eilat and the Arava. The chain of ridges of the Timna area belongs to the Eilat Mountains area. The highest mountain in the vicinity of Eilat is Mount Hezekiah and the second at its height is Mount Shlomo.


The Eilat Mountains have many hiking trails and the Israel Crossing Trail also passes through the reserve, in the Timna cliffs and then from Nahal Raham until the end of the trail at the Eilat Field School, through Nahal Raham, Shachor Canyon, Ein Netafim, Nahal Gishron and Mt.


Due to the difficult topography of the reserve, there are almost no motorways or roads that cross it, and in order to enjoy and see the impressive, wild and fascinating early landscapes there is a need for a 4x4 vehicle.


It is customary to divide the reserve adjacent to Eilat to the Southern reserve and the Northern reserve. In the Southern reserve are many wadis - dry rivers (Shlomo, Yehoshafat, Rehoboam, Shani, Ein Netafim and more). The wadis in the range of the Eilat Mountains are dry as there is no water in this area, except occasional floods.


In the northern reserve you will find the Roded Wadi, the Yedidya Passage, glorious Raham & Etek Wadis, Timna Park, a the Statues Wadi and more.

שמורת הרי אילת.JPG

List of Reserve Mountains by Height:


Mount Neshef - 899 meters

Mount Shani - 894 meters

Mount Sagov - 869 meters

Mount Basmat - 848 meters

Mount Hezekiah - 838 meters

Mount Uziyahu - 751 meters
Mount Shlomo - 705 meters
Mount Yoash - 701 meters
Mount Yehoahaz - 680 meters
Mount Yehoram - 680 meters
Mount Shechoret - 586 meters
Mount Jehoshaphat - 508 meters
Mount Asa - 502 meters

Givat Amram - 475 meters

Mount Yedidya - 432 meters

Mount Rechavam - 389 meters

Mount Shachmon - 325 meters

Mount Sefachot - 278 meters

Yotam Plane - 200 meters

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