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The Red Canyon

The jeep tour starts from the hotels in Eilat direction south (Taba). We will climb from sea level to a breathtaking view from the height of 725 meters above sea level: On the way we will pass through Wadi Solomon, Rehoboam, Yehoshafat. We will climb up the old Eilat road (Darb el Hajj, the famous pilgrim route to Mecca, created in 14th century) and drive to the Red Canyon for a hike (approx. an hour's hike). The track combines climbing ladders, a medium-difficulty level hike. We will conclude with an observation of the four borders from Mt. Yoash. The tour is guided all along.


The southern reserve, including a 1 hour walk in the canyon

Great for  kids!


Price: 980 NIS per jeep (7 seats)
טיולי ג'יפים באילת
Tea & cake
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