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      Northern Mountain Reserve  

Departure from the hotels to the north through the agricultural areas of Kibbutz Eilot. The jeep tour of this northern trail in Eilat Mountains begins with a trip to the Salt Ponds in Abronah and a stop for observation of the migrating birds visiting the pools (usually flamingo). We will continue on the Arava through the famous Hadom Palms in the direction of Be'er Ora. We will ascends the impressive stiff off-road and descends into the gorgeous Wadi Pesalim (statues), all naturally sculpted in sandstone. Drive back to Eilat through the road.


#1 Includes the Salt Ponds & the Flamingos 

Price: 880 NIS per jeep (7 seats)
טיולי ג'יפים באילת
Tea & cake
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