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           Do not settle for stories

                   Go see for yourself

 Time Out - Fun in Style 

The most beautiful jeep tours in the Eilat Mountains reserve, professional and fascinating guiding
with an experienced guide, air conditioned jeeps,comfortable and safe - pleasant in summer and warm in winter
what else would you ask for?

 Excursions include a short break for tea / coffee and cookies. Mixed meals can also be ordered.

Jeep Tour to Southern Trail 

Archaic Scenery & amazing views

3 hours trip
טיול ג'יפים לעמודי עמרם
Jeep Tour  to Northern Trail #1 

Amram Pillars + short walk

3 hours trip
טיול ג'יפים בשמורת הרי אילת
3 hours trip
Jeep Tour  to Northern Trail #2 

The salt ponds & Wadi Psalim

Picture 4.jpg
Jeep Tour to the Red Canyon

Southern Trail & Hiking

4 hours trip
Short Jeep Tour - Mornings Only

Southern Trail

2 hours trip
פארק תמנע2.jpg
Jeep Tour to Timna Park & Valley

Fascinating History & Scenery

4.5 hours trip

It is something else to have an all-terrain excursion in the most comfortable jeeps! And why not?

In our jeeps we don't 'drown' in tons of dust, the seats are comfortable and it's not too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.

So this trip we drive in style!

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